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TERM Providers


TERM is an acronym for Treatment and Evaluation Resources Management, a mental health program developed under the direction of the County of San Diego Board of Supervisors and operated by Optum through a contract with County of San Diego HHSA Behavioral Health Services. The mission of the TERM program is to improve the quality and effectiveness of mental health services provided to clients served by the Dependency and Delinquency systems. Optum is responsible for contracting providers to the TERM network who have competence in evaluating and treating clients referred for child maltreatment or delinquency concerns. Optum also provides quality oversight of treatment plans and evaluation reports prepared for these clients.

This page is utilized by providers on the TERM specialty network to obtain documents and related materials needed for their work with Child and Family Well-Being and Probation clients.


TERM Provider Handbook

TERM Provider Handbook Appendices

CFWB Treatment

Permanent Change of Treatment Authorization for a TERM Group Facilitator

CFWB Temporary Change of Authorization

Request for Authorization of Additional Units of CFT Meeting Form Through CFWB Funds

CFWB/Probation Evaluations

CFWB Evaluation Referral Form

Medi-Cal Funded CFWB Evaluations

Request to Modify CPT Code Distribution for CFWB Funded Evaluations