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San Diego
Access & Crisis Line

TEL: (888) 724-7240
7 days a week/24 hrs a day  

    Provider Line
TEL: (800) 798-2254
Support Desk
TEL: (800) 834-3792

(877) 824-8376 


Connecting Communities to Services, One Person at a Time

Every individual and family has a unique road to wellness, health, and hope. Every community has its own ways to support and assist the people who live there. Since 1997, Optum's collaborations with stakeholders in San Diego County have enabled us to develop an in-depth understanding and appreciation of County of San Diego Behavioral Health Services. This understanding, and our desire to partner with providers and community stakeholders, enables us to quickly customize our approaches and services to meet the unique needs of providers and the clients and families they serve in San Diego County.

Organizational Providers, Fee for Service Providers, and TERM Team stakeholders (Child Welfare Services, Juvenile Probation, and TERM Providers) will find helpful documents and reports on this website. With the assistance of the County of San Diego Behavioral Health Services , Optum has included provider communications, provider handbooks, forms, demographic information about CWS staff, and reports.

Please contact the Support Desk at (800) 834-3792 or with questions or requests to add any additional documents that would benefit providers and community stakeholders to this site.